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Happy December!

Woah! Can you even believe it! December?! When the heck did this happen?! I was pretty sure yesterday was August, but all this Christmas music on the radio is begging to differ.

Thanksgiving Pies

It seems I’ve been a bit MIA. Well. That’s not exactly true. I’ve been around! I’ve been busy! And even busy cooking! If you follow me on Instagram [which clearly I’m obsessed with] you’d know I haven’t died. You see, I hosted my first ever Thanksgiving! It was epic. I planned for weeks. Which explains my hiatus, hopefully. But we did it. I served seven people a one-hundred-percent homemade Thanksgiving. In my house, which, by the way, if you didn’t know, is exactly 15X18 feet. Incluing the bathroom and the closet. Like, people, I live in a garage. We have no table and no chairs and only two plates. But we begged, borrowed, and stole, and between our landlords (who are epic and awesome) and my cousin (who was out of town so I raided her apartment) and my mommy (who helped me bake pies and didn’t disown me when I yelled at her like a million times. love ya, mom) I DID IT. I should say WE DID IT. Because I had a lot of help.

Apple Cheddar Scones

In other news. I don’t have a recipe to share with you right now. Proms I’m working on one. But I want to make sure I get weight measurements because it has come to my attention, that uh, well, Americans are ridiculous. I kind of already knew that. But I have a darn scale so it’s high time I start using it, and so I’m working on making things American-and-Rest-of-the-World friendly. Meaning I’m adding weights to things. It’s gonna take some time.


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Happy December!!!!!!