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steak and fries done right

Yesterday… was my first day of real bootcamp. Ok not like, army real bootcamp or anything. But fitness bootcamp nonetheless. And once again, I could have died. But you know what the worst part is? It’s not the fact that I can’t breathe for the whole hour, not the fact that I’m sore for days afterwards, not the fact that I have so little muscle in my arms I can’t do a single pull-up… no. The worst part is the fact that the little tiny adorable lady who is running the bootcamp is so freakin adorable. she’s tiny and cute and smiley and way too perky and way NOT sweaty enough and she does it all with you!! what’s that about! I don’t want to be told “c’mon guys! push yourselves! you can do it!” by someone who looks like that when I’m sitting there, tomato red in the face, literally sweating buckets, breathing as raggedly as if I was a 40-year smoker and wondering what would happen to me if I fell right off those pull-up bars.

Its brutal.

But the BEST part of working out intensely? I get to eat whatever I want afterwards! That is how it works, right? work out a little bit… eat a bunch…work out a bunch… eat even more? Well that’s how it’s gonna have to work for me, anyway.

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