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Recently, I had reason to celebrate. Brett and I have been together for 3[!] years. Holy dang. I know that may not sound impressive to some of you (yes, I’m talking to you, parents-who-have-been-married-for-26-years), but for me? That’s a serious accomplishment. And since we’ve never bothered to celebrate any anniversaries before (in fact, we made up a date, but that’s normal right?) I thought we ought to at least recognize this one. So I decided to be fancy and nice and make dinner! [and possibly drink too much wine, I’m not telling.]

I had been wanting to make paella for-ev-errr and had a recipe bookmarked in my cookbook. So when searching through it to find something to make, lo and behold, the book fell open to the paella page! Perfect! I don’t know if I’ve ever had paella before this… but it sounded really good and looked a little fancy (I mean, it had shrimp and mussels.. can’t you call that a little fancy?) so decided to splurge on the saffron and go for it.

Turns out, my grocery store is not as well-stocked as I expected. I could find no chorizo, no saffron and no mussels. Hm. Issue. Okay, I figured, we have fresh fish that Brett just caught, we can use that instead of mussels (which I wasn’t entirely sure either of us liked anyway) and I can use portugese sausage instead of chorizo..but no saffron?! It seems like that would be kind of essential, right?! ¬†After much searching and fretting and eyebrow scrunching and asking the workers oh-so-nicely-yet-with-a-slight-tone-of-desperation-and-urgency-and-yes-I-might-cry-if-you-don’t-have-saffron, I found both saffron and real chorizo. In the fancy section. Yeah, uh-huh that’s right, my grocery store has a separate section for fancy things. Why? Probably just so they can charge me more. But hey, I’m a sucker for fancy packaging so I bought. Mussels were still on the outs though, but I didn’t cry about it or anything. Really. Continue reading



That title sounded a lot cooler in my head. Its supposed to be cool. Like Ratatouille… but you know… cooler.


Anyways. I feel like everyone has heard of ratatouille because of the movie, right? But have you ever had ratatouille?

Ok so it’s not that extravagant or difficult or rare of a dish, so you probably have. But it’s still very delicious either way soooo I thought I ought to talk about it. The first time I ever had ratatouille was when I was studying abroad in France, my friend’s homestay mom made it for us for dinner. Um.. YUM! She was also a little bit crazy (super nice, very sweet and a great cook.. but a little cookoo nonetheless) and so she forced that ratatouille down our throats until I was about to burst. Actually, I might have burst a little. And that’s saying something because I’m a pretty dang good eater.

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