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Happy New Year: Spring Rolls

I must preface this post by letting you all know, I am not a professional spring roll -roller. Never have I made spring rolls before. Now, I have eaten plenty, that’s for sure. But never tried to make them myself. So I figured what better time to make Chinese Spring Rolls (also known as egg rolls) than Chinese New Year! And boy, do I sure wish I had made these sooner. 

Truth be told, they weren’t even hard to make. In fact, I might even call them downright easy. Well, sure some of mine looked like they had been squashed, or sat on, or just wilted, but I mean they tasted fine. And I think that Brett has found his calling, because his rolls were just so..rolly. Seriously all of the nice looking ones were ones he rolled. They do take a little bit of time to make, but not as much as I thought. We made Gyoza one time and those were much more difficult, so I was pleasantly surprised by these spring rolls. The best part is, the recipe makes a whole bunch and you can just freeze them up and then have spring rolls anytime you want! yessss.. Continue reading


To the carnival!

Is it a fair.. or is it a carnival? I really don’t know what the difference is. Apparently, though, there is one. According to Brett anyway. But I have yet to pin down what exactly the difference is between “carnival” and “fair”. I wonder if this will become an obsession until I can have a satisfactorily different definition for each, like the time I became obsessed with figuring out what the actual, definable difference is between a cupcake and a muffin.* Because in that case, there is clearly a difference, and it’s bigger than just frosting-no-frosting.

Well, even though I don’t know the difference, we went to a carnival/fair today!! (according to Brett this one was in fact, a carnival and NOT  a fair… and granted it was called the “Punahou Carnival” and not the “Punahou Fair”..whatever. same difference to me).  So what’s the best part of a fairnival? (I just made that word up! I like it…)

FOOD! Namely, fried food. Boy oh boy did we eat a lot of it! But it’s okay because we went to bootcamp this morning. So it all evens out… Right? Exactly.Um sos basically, we ate a lot. I mean.. really… really a lot.  So here are six things I discovered while I was there.

1. malasadas are the best version of fried dough. Except maybe nutella beingets. 

2. Deep fried twinkies are actually delicious. Maybe not sixteen tickets delicious, but still delicious. And yes, you can judge me for eating one. In fact, you probably should.

3. Not everyone can handle the tilt-a-whirl immediately following the deep fried twinkie. I can, but not everyone can. (he looks happy because this picture was before the ride started…)

4. Candied apples are far inferior to carmel apples. Tongue stained, teeth broken, lesson learned.


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