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steak and fries done right

Yesterday… was my first day of real bootcamp. Ok not like, army real bootcamp or anything. But fitness bootcamp nonetheless. And once again, I could have died. But you know what the worst part is? It’s not the fact that I can’t breathe for the whole hour, not the fact that I’m sore for days afterwards, not the fact that I have so little muscle in my arms I can’t do a single pull-up… no. The worst part is the fact that the little tiny adorable lady who is running the bootcamp is so freakin adorable. she’s tiny and cute and smiley and way too perky and way NOT sweaty enough and she does it all with you!! what’s that about! I don’t want to be told “c’mon guys! push yourselves! you can do it!” by someone who looks like that when I’m sitting there, tomato red in the face, literally sweating buckets, breathing as raggedly as if I was a 40-year smoker and wondering what would happen to me if I fell right off those pull-up bars.

Its brutal.

But the BEST part of working out intensely? I get to eat whatever I want afterwards! That is how it works, right? work out a little bit… eat a bunch…work out a bunch… eat even more? Well that’s how it’s gonna have to work for me, anyway.

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big fat breakfast


So. Saturday morning I woke up early and went to bootcamp.  Yes, that’s right. Bootcamp. It was one of the most intense experiences of my life. For a good twenty minutes at the beginning I really thought that I might keel over and die right there on the sand. And for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to continue doing this four days a week for a month. I start tonight. Dear lord, wish me luck.

But what came out of this was something really spectacular. I came home and ate a mountain of breakfast. Why?Because I deserved it. I worked out. Which I never do…and the bootcamp claims that you burn 800 calories in a mere 45 minutes, so I figured I had to eat about a thousand when I got home… you know.. just in case. I was ridiculously starving, and I couldn’t think entirely straight, I just knew I wanted a whole lot of food. So I tried to make something new (which, for me doesn’t always work) but this time it turned out pretty good. I honestly just threw together whatever I had. I would change a few things in the future, so I’m going to put the changes on here as well, so you can take your pick of versions.

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Better than Brats

So last week we bought these big fat sweet Italian sausages at the store, and we used a couple to make some tasty pastas, as would be expected. But I’m not always the hugest fan of those types of sausages. I like breakfast sausage… but not always dinner sausage.

It was getting to the point that we really had to use these sausages or they would go bad, as they had already been sitting open in the fridge for a couple days. So Brett got all fired up about sausage sandwiches for dinner.. and I merely said… oh… okay…

But don’t let my initial lack of unadulturated enthusiasm fool you, folks. Because these sammies turned out lip-smacking good. And the best part is? Hardly any effort required: only one pan, and stuff you probably already have in your fridge. Here’s how we did it.

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chocolate truffles

Well, I’ll be honest. This wasn’t what I wanted to write about next. But my recent photos are on Brett’s computer and I am currently on my laptop and watching ghostbusters 2 on TV, and as our tv is also the monitor for his computer, clearly I am unable to get the pictures off of his computer right now. But I do feel its time for another dose of delicious. So, I searched my files and found these little beauties I made over Christmas. Let me tell you. They are good. Actually, I should have Brett tell you since he ate like seven of them in one sitting and they’re so rich I think I only ate like one… over all of break. But that’s besides the point. They’re delicious and easy AND…(hm. I clearly got excited about something else but it’s a very important part of the movie right now so I totally forgot what I was going to say… so I’ll go with…) FANTASTIC.

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rice pudding

oh. my. goodness.

that was pretty much the only words that came out of my mouth after I tasted this. I don’t even have anything else to say here. go recipe. Continue reading