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I made cheez-its. seriously.

I mean, no joke. As in, this is not a joke. These things taste exactly like cheez-its. But don’t be like my mother. When I called her, literally bursting with joy at the cheezygoodness that was hommemade cheez-its in my mouth, she just laughed. She laughed and then said “what’s the point of that? can’t you just buy them?” Jeez, mother. I mean, cmon! I’m clearly so excited here!!


seriously though, before you say the same thing she did, check this out: they’re made with 100% whole wheat flour. chyeah!! that’s right!! whole-effing-wheat! (Didn’t I mention I’m having a little tryst with whole wheat at the moment? It’s awesome. I hope I never stop.) Also, I’m sure this is not the case in, uh, any other state in the US, but it is true in Hawaii: packaged foods are ding-dang expensive and coupons are few and far between. Seriously, a box of cheerio-s is like 7 bucks. ridic. I dunno if making these were really any cheaper, but man. They were delicious. Seriously. go try them. pronto.  Continue reading