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Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake

I have an oven again after six weeks without. And it was my birthday Tuesday. Clearly, a cake must be made. But guys.. don’t think me blasphemous or anything.. but I’m not really a cake person. I know, ‘What do you mean you’re not a cake person?! What up with all the cake recipes on here?’ Um. Well. I really like making cakes. And cupcakes. But the eating of them.. well let’s just say I’d rather have ice cream. Or pie. or ice cream and pie. But on a birthday, I just feel like it has to be cake. Enter: Cheesecake.

Good lord I love cheesecake. Possibly more than pie. But maybe not more than ice cream. Either way, cheesecake is the most delicious form the cake can take, if you ask me about it. Which you didn’t, but I told you anyways. Cheesecake is what other cakes hope to be. It is creamy and sweet and savory and doesn’t even need any frosting to gussy it up. I just love it. Once, when I was little, we were at Boll Weevil and after  a giant hamburger, fries and a shake, they asked if we wanted dessert. I wanted cheesecake. My cousin (or maybe my uncle?) bet me I couldn’t finish it all. The slice was the size of my head. I finished it all.

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Cappuccino Fudge Cheesecake.

Yeah. Those three words. All in one sentence. Not a joke. This was, hands down, the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. And that’s saying something because I am somewhat of a cheesecake freak and I have eaten a dang lot of cheesecake in my life. But this one. Oh boy. It’s something else.

It’s a cookie crust that is so much better than a cookie crust. Because it has extra chocolate and sugar and nutmeg and butter and it’s heavenly. And then its basically fudge. Well, it’s chocolate ganache. But it’s more than I’ve ever had in one sitting. And then it’s cappuccino cheesecake with three, let me repeat, three bricks of cream cheese in it. And rum. and molasses. and man I wish I hadn’t eaten the last piece already. But it’s not even over yet. Because on top of that, it’s a heavenly sour cream layer, and  then it’s covered with even more ganache. I swoon just thinking about it. Continue reading

vanilla bean cheesecake

Over the past two weeks, several exciting things have happened. 1. My parents came to visit me for the first time, which means I got to hang out at their hotel (which had a waterslide into the pool, by the way) and eat and drink for free for a whole week. 2. I got a job I really really wanted. STOKED! 3. It was my birthday.

So with so many things happening all at once, I obviously had to make something fantastic to celebrate. So I decided to try and conquer Cheesecake Factory’s Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. Now, if you’ve never had this particular cheesecake before, google where the closest Cheesecake factory is to you and order yourself a slice. Heck, order yourself a whole cake. It’s that good. (I do not work for Cheesecake Factory, nor was I paid in any way to say this.) That particular Vanilla Bean cheesecake is  hands down my favorite cheesecake in the whole world. And I love me some cheesecake. Continue reading