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Stinky Bread

stinky bread7Dudes. Lets talk. One. Now that it’s almost February you are all just about bored of your “diets” also known as “resolutions” yes? As evidenced by my first post of 2012, I’m not so much big on depriving oneself just because its January. Two. It’s almost the Super Bowl which means a) the end of the best time of year b) I finally can accomplish things on Sundays and c) you’re looking for snack recipes. Boom. I gotcha covered. stinky bread6stinky breadstinky bread2stinky bread3stinky bread4So. Stinky bread. It’s not for the faint of heart, I’m not gonna lie. Also, it’s not a recipe, it’s just a thing. It’s a thing that my family does, and I’m thinking your family should start to do it too because it’s a) awesomely delicious b) really dang easy and c) can feed a crowd for less than six bucks. Boom. Again. So let’s get right to it and stop faffing around, shall we? stinky bread5

Stinky Bread(I’m pretty sure my aunt Carrie is the one who came up with this..but it could have been a different family member. who knows.)


  • Butter, softened. I don’t know how much because I don’t know how many people you are feeding!
  • Blue Cheese–twice as much of this as your butter. it’s all about the ratios.
  • Garlic, minced. (1 clove per baguette) um, this is totally optional but also totally delicious. your call
  • Baguette, sliced into 1/2 inch thick pieces


  1. Turn on your broiler. Get excited. In a small bowl, mix together butter, blue cheese and garlic (if using). Schmear this all over your baguette slices. Pop those suckers onto a baking sheet and under the broiler. Keep your eye on them! They only take a minute and you don’t want them to burn! Once they are brown on the edges and the cheese is gooey and bubbly, you should put them on a plate and offer them to your guests/family/friends/significant other/dog or whoever is around. They won’t last long, so you’ll have to head back into the kitchen to make some more, pronto.

I made cheez-its. seriously.

I mean, no joke. As in, this is not a joke. These things taste exactly like cheez-its. But don’t be like my mother. When I called her, literally bursting with joy at the cheezygoodness that was hommemade cheez-its in my mouth, she just laughed. She laughed and then said “what’s the point of that? can’t you just buy them?” Jeez, mother. I mean, cmon! I’m clearly so excited here!!


seriously though, before you say the same thing she did, check this out: they’re made with 100% whole wheat flour. chyeah!! that’s right!! whole-effing-wheat! (Didn’t I mention I’m having a little tryst with whole wheat at the moment? It’s awesome. I hope I never stop.) Also, I’m sure this is not the case in, uh, any other state in the US, but it is true in Hawaii: packaged foods are ding-dang expensive and coupons are few and far between. Seriously, a box of cheerio-s is like 7 bucks. ridic. I dunno if making these were really any cheaper, but man. They were delicious. Seriously. go try them. pronto.  Continue reading