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Fully Homemade Lasagna

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think lasagna is my favorite pasta dish. Ever. I want to say it always has been. But unfortunately, I was a rather fickle child known to tell horrendous lies just to get out of eating food I decided I didn’t like for whatever reason. Like, uh, I told my family I was allergic to spaghetti one time. Immediately after polishing off my slice of pizza. [people, those are exactly the same ingredients..] I was a weird kid. But anyways. I’m pretty sure I’ve always liked lasagna, and now I’m sure I LOVE it with all caps. Like, LOVE love. big time.

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Angels and Cake

When my Grandma died, just under 3 years ago, I was literally on the other side of the globe and completely isolated from my family. I couldn’t go home to see her before she passed, and I couldn’t make it to her funeral. Luckily, Brett was visiting, and between him, a giant flower, the friends I had made there, and substantial amounts of ice cream, I got through it. I made a giant chocolate cake in remembrance of her, which I think she would have liked.


What I learned from that experience, is that losing the ones you love is extremely hard, but having family and friends that love you around can make it easier. My Grandpa passed away this past weekend. It was hard, and it’s still hard, to realize I’ll never see him sitting in his chair again, but I got to say goodbye to him, and I have a huge, amazing family, and the best friends the world has ever seen, so I know I’ll be okay eventually. I don’t know my Grandpa’s favorite kind of cake, so I don’t know what to make in his honor (Family: if you let me know what it is, I’ll make it pronto). But about a month ago for Brett’s birthday, I made angel food cake for the first time. And I feel it is an appropriate thing to share now. This cake is for you, G-Pa: I hope you’re eating some with real angels, and that G-Ma has a giant slice of double chocolate.

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