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St Patty’s Homemade Pesto!

So. I  bought a food processor. And I made pesto. But I fail, because this was about a month ago. Let me explain. 

Though this blog is meant to be like an online journal of sorts documenting my attempts to cook and bake…I do not treat this as my journal (luckily for you, actually because I start my journals “dearest journal” and I end with “love, erin” and that could get awkward.) What that means is, I don’t update as frequently or up-to-dately as I would a journal. This is what I do:

I hoard photos on my camera and I stockpile posts of the things I’ve hoarded photos of, and when I have enough photos to merit uploading them, I throw them all on my computer and slowly publish the posts. Is that weird? I feel like it is. Because I read so many other food blogs (wanna know which ones? check that sidebar over there—>) and they all say things like “yesterday I made this” or “Wednesday, for so-and-so’s birthday” when it’s Friday. And I think.. hm. all mine are at least two weeks old…

Well whatever, the food is still good, right? Right. I feel I’ve justified myself by being honest. Therefore this trend will probably continue. Just so you are aware.

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zucchini tacos

ok so. after I graduated from college, my parents, older brother, boyfriend, and myself decided to run around my college “town” (one square mile of crammed-together-overpriced apartments, bars, liquor stores, and mexican food, all mere steps away from the beach) and.. for lack of a better (tactful) word… explore. Anyways. One of the last stops of the evening before my little brother begrudgingly picked us up to drive us back to our hotel was a little place called El Sitio. Now if anyone is ever in the Santa Babara Area; drive to Isla Vista and EAT  at El Sitio. If you love mexican food (real mexican food not taco bell or El Torito) you will not be dissappointed.

Most of us were pretty full already, but my mom wanted to try something called a zucchini taco. I had never heard of it, but she thought it sounded like the most delicious thing in the world. And as it turns out, it really was. She was kind enough to share with both me and Brett, and dear lord almighty, those tacos were delicious. Unfortunately, we weren’t able at that precise moment in time to figure out how they  made them, and we haven’t gotten to go back since.

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That title sounded a lot cooler in my head. Its supposed to be cool. Like Ratatouille… but you know… cooler.


Anyways. I feel like everyone has heard of ratatouille because of the movie, right? But have you ever had ratatouille?

Ok so it’s not that extravagant or difficult or rare of a dish, so you probably have. But it’s still very delicious either way soooo I thought I ought to talk about it. The first time I ever had ratatouille was when I was studying abroad in France, my friend’s homestay mom made it for us for dinner. Um.. YUM! She was also a little bit crazy (super nice, very sweet and a great cook.. but a little cookoo nonetheless) and so she forced that ratatouille down our throats until I was about to burst. Actually, I might have burst a little. And that’s saying something because I’m a pretty dang good eater.

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Better than Brats

So last week we bought these big fat sweet Italian sausages at the store, and we used a couple to make some tasty pastas, as would be expected. But I’m not always the hugest fan of those types of sausages. I like breakfast sausage… but not always dinner sausage.

It was getting to the point that we really had to use these sausages or they would go bad, as they had already been sitting open in the fridge for a couple days. So Brett got all fired up about sausage sandwiches for dinner.. and I merely said… oh… okay…

But don’t let my initial lack of unadulturated enthusiasm fool you, folks. Because these sammies turned out lip-smacking good. And the best part is? Hardly any effort required: only one pan, and stuff you probably already have in your fridge. Here’s how we did it.

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spinach, bacon and deliciousness quiche

one word. yum. my mom bought Brett and I both cookbooks for christmas.. and this was one of our very first attempts from his book. The recipe is from the book BAKE! by Nick Maligieri. It’s a pretty awesome book, as it has tips and techniques for all the most common (and coincidentally, the most delicious) baked goods. I’m sure there will be more to come from this book… danishes.. tarts…cakes..mmm

I love pies and tarts and quiches but I usually utterly fail at rolling out the crust. Case in point, I made a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, and before I could put the filling in the partially-baked crust, I managed to dump the entire crust out of the pan and onto the kitchen counter. How? Who knows? Why? Because I’m me. and that’s the kind of thing I do. Luckily, I was alone in the house so no one had to endure my lame whimpering as I tried hopelessly to piece the crust back together. Continue reading