Who am I?

I have always really enjoyed baking (easy-bake oven, anyone?) and I’d been helping my mom make christmas cookies for, well.. ever (right, mom? I think so..). But never in my childhood, youth, or most of my early adulthood did I ever show any prowess at cooking. Honestly I never even wanted to cook, my mom did it quite well enough for me, thank you very much. Plus, the one time I tried to cook something that didn’t require a microwave (instant mashed potatoes.. should be easy, right?) I swore on my life that they were alive and going to attack. they were breathing. Anyways, I never had to cook for myself until halfway through my junior year of college when I was completely away from dorms and homestay families and my mommy. I did okay. I had a roommate who could handle raw chicken better than me, and two other feisty roommates that taught me how to make enchiladas and chilaquiles and other unhealthy yummy things.

Then I met my boyfriend. (Actually I met him before I had to cook for myself, but I didn’t learn what I’m about to tell you until after this point). Turns out, he’s a really good cook. Makes sense as he’s been doing it longer than me, but still. He’s good. So he taught me some things and I started trying some things and my mom bought me a cookbook and I thought I was doing pretty good.

The boyfriend and I have been living together for awhile now, and over Christmas we both were back in California to visit family. And I got made fun of. A lot. Like way more than usual. For not being able to cook. What? Hey! I can cook! True, boyfriend (he does have a name.. it’s Brett) does most of the cooking.. but hey! That’s not fair! Stop laughing, I do know how to cook, I swear! And so this blog was born. Out of my (really, our) obsession with food, my love for baking, and my attempt to cook–my attempt to cook more often, better, and healthy(ish), delicious foods.

So who am I? I am Erin. I love family, friends and food. a lot. I live in a teeny tiny apartment in a place called paradise with my boyfriend who (still) cooks much better than I do. But I’m learning. We both happen to be fantastic at eating, and whenever we’re not doing so, (which isn’t all that often) we try to stay occupied out-of-doors. We also are two of the biggest nerds you could ever find, so excuse the occasional parasitology, biology, harry potter or star wars reference.

7 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Hi Erin & Bret,
    Well I must say I’m very impressed with your blog and the humor within.
    I’m so glad you two are having fun with food and sharing with us. Perhaps I should send you Katie’s and my Chicken Parmesan receipe. Simple but delicious.
    Looks like the two of you should be the next Food Network Stars. Seriously…. coming to you live from the Island Paradise of Hawaii. I’ll set you up with all the video equipment and you can stream your program live to millions who will swipe their credit cards to see you cook. The Nealy’s on Food Network will have nothing on you.
    You’ll just need a catchy name for yourselves and a website.
    Think about it…..
    Glad to hear you’re having fun. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person.


    • Thanks Gus!! maybe i’ll get a youtube channel started, huh?… I love the Nealy’s!! haha! you’re so nice to say that! also I would love your chicken parmesan recipe! we tried to make that once without a recipe and it was an epic failure…

  2. Erin – you’re my new muse : ). This is the best blog ever.

  3. Digging the food! Keep up the good work, Erin!

  4. Try Funeral Beans, Jones family cookbook….makes alot though so cut it down!

  5. Hi Erin, you blog is so beautiful and great going. Loved that home-made noodles.

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