I am the Champion…

.. of ordering dinner in China. Yes folks, you heard right. I WON. So ha-hah! all you doubters! all you non-believers who said I couldn’t do it! ‘you’ll be eating fried rice for the rest of your days muahahaa’ you laughed. but now it’s me who is laughing. laughing long and hard and loud. while my mouth is full of spicy fried noodles. i might have spit one out i laughed so long and hard and loud. because i got those noodles.

and they were good.

and I was so proud I bought myself an ice cream. Because you know why? Well I just deserved one, didn’t I?

(okay, so just kidding, you guys were like really nice and friendly and all ‘you can do it, erin! you’ll get it right next time!’ and clearly it was just me who thought i was destined to fail. But I tried again. Because you all said I should. And I’m quite good at following directions. So thanks guys and gals! I cheers you with my noodleychopsticks!! whoohoo!)

ps. I made Chinese food tonight! like real Chinese food! some little sweet treats. so as soon as I get get off my butt and put together the photos you too will be eating some little sweet Chinese treats! ooo I just can’t wait!!


4 responses to “I am the Champion…

  1. Hooray!! Great job Erin!! The food looks delicious ❤ looking forward to your rendition! Xox

    • thanks! I can’t wait to try it! I also just ate these green beans last night that I am determined to recreate ASAP. Oh man they were good!

  2. Noice! I knew you could do it. Now come over here and cook me some noodles. My asian side will much appreciate it.

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