ps I’m in China

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Has it been a month already since I last posted? And I don’t even have a recipe ready. To be fair. I’ve been busy. Since I last posted I took the mcat, completed the semester which entailed two giant projects and a final, started my med school application, flew to China, traveled around, settled down in Wuhan and I’m now attempting to do some research here. Oh yeah, and I finally got to start reading Game of Thrones and I’m officially obsessed. So that’s how my life’s been going. How is yours? I hope it’s swell. 

I hope you’re enjoying May. May is a really great month, isn’t it? It’s almost as good as June which is by far the best month of all. Anyways. I don’t have any recipes at the moment. I have things I want to share with you but I haven’t had time to get them together. So for now, here’s some pictures from my travels. And this weekend I’m learning to make a traditional Chinese snack. So… do stay tuned.


3 responses to “ps I’m in China

  1. Hi Erin, wow, what an interesting & busy life! Love you . Can’t wait to see you when you get to Irvine. Love G.A.

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