Meet Rosie, and her cakes

We have expanded our family. No, we didn’t get a puppy, or a baby. We got a Rosie. Isn’t she pretty? 

Yep. That’s right. Our one-counter-5-cupboard kitchen just got a little more crowded. I bought a Kitchenaid. And she’s red. And she’s beautiful. And I named her Rosie. She lives on my counter; she kicked out the coffee, the coffee grinder, and several bottles of sunscreen that had previously been in her place. And I couldn’t be happier. 

After I broke our cheap-o hand mixer trying to make frosting, I knew I was going to have to upgrade somehow. So I started doing some intensive research, because that’s what I do best. I’ve been researching and ogling over stand mixers for years, but knew I could never get one, at least not until I was a real “grown-up” because a) they’re expensive, b) they are big and require an actual kitchen and c) they’re not exactly easy to ship. Now, I am not a real grown-up. But, I did enough research to convince my mom, Brett and my pocket book, that for me, it would be worth it. Why? Because it would mean I could bake. Even. More. yessss.

So I bought it. Her. Rosie. Best. Day. Ever. That was one-and-a-half months ago, and I’ve used her at least 6 times. I’m pretty sure she is one of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made. And I love her.


Ps. The first night I had Rosie, I made an angel food cake, whipped cream, and yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. These cupcakes that I made were ridiculously delicious, and the chocolate frosting was literally the best frosting I’ve ever had. Ever. And they’re easy enough to make that you don’t even have to have a Rosie of your own. But if you do, you should use her. Here’s the recipe from SmittenKitchen, I three-quartered it and made about 20 cupcakes.


2 responses to “Meet Rosie, and her cakes

  1. Who eats all these cupcakes? And why did you never bake whne you lived at home? 🙂

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