Kickoff Sweet Treats

That’s right people, it’s finally here! Tomorrow is the start of the most wonderful season of all… FOOTBALL SEASON! Isn’t it lovely? Doesn’t it just make you smile? And this year is especially exciting for me, because for the first time in my life I have a college team to cheer for! The school I went to for undergrad didn’t have a football team (though we did have a kickass men’s soccer team..and very rowdy fans, of which I was obviously one) but now, I have a team of my very own! So tomorrow I will be tailgating for the first time ever before my first ever college game. I’m so excited!!


Football is such a fun sport to watch (once you understand the rules, otherwise it’s just fat guys hitting eachother, really) that it doesn’t matter where you watch it. Whether you’re at a bar, at the stadium, or just sitting on your own couch (or in my case, your bed because you don’t have room for a couch) it’s always fun. But there are a few essentials that are required to make any football-watching experience its best: 1. beer. 2. salty snacks (super loaded nachos are my personal favorite, but pizza, wings, chips, or anything else greasy and salty will do) 3. beer. and 4. something sweet. 

Maybe it’s just me that requires that last one, but you know me, I’m a sugar fiend. If you are too, or if you know anyone who is, entice them to sit next to you at the game by showing them these. If you know anyone who can resist rice crispy treats, trust me that even those weirdos will swoon after taking a bite of these: they are the fanciest rice crispy treats you’ll ever eat. seriously. 

The recipe can be found here: SMITTEN KITCHEN. I don’t need to re-type it because it’s perfect as is. Please, do yourself a favor. At some point this season, slap on your favorite jersey and make these, and then enjoy them watching the game, with an extra large beer in your hand. 

*as a side note: I also brought a box of these to watch the HP7.5 premiere earlier this summer. So feel free to sneak them into the movies if, god forbid, you’re not a football fan.

Happy Football!


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