Camp food

Wow. It’s been awhile, huh? Sorry. Spring break happened then spring quarter started and I have 23 school days left until I  no longer have to be called by my last name. Ever. Again. Its..been..busy. Is what I’m trying to say. Which means I haven’t really been cooking much. I did make onion soup two nights ago but lord knows it’s going to take me forever to post that. So don’t get too excited. But do check back if that intrigues.

What I have been doing a lot of (besides working) is camping. Over spring break Brett and I went backpacking, and over Easter weekend we luxury camped. Meaning there was no 18 mile hike involved–no sweat and backaches and only dried food–just an hour drive, two coolers and a brand new tent. It was lovely. My favorite part of car camping (besides that I don’t have to carry everything on my back) is that certain things always happen while camping. There are always card games and bacon and eggs and bratwurst and smores. And all of this food always, always, tastes 100% better when you cooked it over coals and you’re eating it outside and then sleeping in a tent afterwards. or a hammock. either way. for some reason when there are no walls involved, when there is salt in the air and bugs biting your legs, food tastes so damn good.

So This is just a post to say, you should all go camping. And make bacon and eggs. And smores. Because really, we all deserve smores once in awhile.

ps. I made a cake last month. It’ll be my next topic. I promise it’ll be soon.

(psst. I’ll be posting a bunch of pictures soon to a picasa web album. If you like pictures like these ones, check back for the link..)


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