Valentine’s whoopie

Apparently, whoopie pies are very in right now. Now me, being completely un-hip and un-cool  and un-aware.. I wasn’t aware of this. Go fig. But hey, I’m on it now, right? Making up for lost time.

The first time I ever had a whoopie pie was over this past Christmas when my mommy (yes, I still say mommy. Don’t judge.) bought me one at Corner Bakery. She told me they were the cool new thing. I said, hey, chocolate and frosting? Looks delicious, sign me up! But I was actually disappointed. I love sweets, probably too much… but this whoopie pie was too sweet. “Blasphemy! What? Too sweet! I’ve never heard of such a thing!” Yes, I know I was shocked too. But nonetheless, I could only eat half and pawned the rest on my unsuspecting brothers. So I wrote off whoopie pies and kind of forgot they existed.

Then in January (ok, I know that’s only like two weeks later, but I have the attention span of a gerbil so for me it was awhile.) I started seeing and hearing more and more about these alleged pies. My friend An had a post about them (you can see it here) And the recipe she used looked GOOD.  (don’t worry.. I asked permission before I blatantly copied her post..) Plus, red velvet.. I mean how can you go wrong??

As it turned out, these little cakes were not nearly as sweet as the ones at Corner Bakery… they were plenty sweet, but not like you could feel yourself getting a cavity. They were also pretty easy to make, the the cream cheese frosting I would make again and again and again and eat it by the spoonful it was sooo delicious. You can find the recipe right here.

I didn’t change anything so there is no point in me typing it again.. although I do recommend sifting all the dry ingredients together before you mix it with the wet. I did do that and it just gets out all those lumps from the cocoa and the powdered sugar so that you don’t have lumpy-velvet cakes. That would be an oxymoron and not delicious.

And I figured since they’re red and stuff these are a perfect valentine’s day treat! And much cheaper and more heartfelt than Sherrie’s Berries or Flowerpower or whoever is selling flowers and chocolate online these days. If you’re creative or have the proper molds.. you could even make them heart-shaped like An did. Me? Not so creative. But they’re tasty, which counts for something.


3 responses to “Valentine’s whoopie

  1. One word….Yummmmm

  2. they look delicious Erin!! MmMmmm

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